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3 Ways Argo Empowers Underwriters to Develop Their Careers

Leaders share how Argo helps underwriters succeed.

Leaders at Argo Group joined a LinkedIn Live session to discuss ways the company empowers underwriters to thrive.

The panelists shared how Argo empowers underwriters with: 

1. Autonomy to branch out. Employees at Argo are encouraged to discover what works best for them. “We recognize that people have certain skill sets and they want to take on new challenges,” says Kristyn Smallcombe, SVP, Head of Argo Construction. “Argo gives you the leeway to do so.

2. Opportunities to make an impact. Because Argo is a smaller organization, underwriters can do impactful work that helps them stand out. “You’re able to make a difference,” says David Corry, SVP, Head of Argo Environmental. David explained that the work underwriters do “moves the needle for the firm, both for their specialty and for Argo overall.” 

3. Robust career development. Argo provides early career development, including an underwriter assistant program, as well as ample training and cross-training. “It’s a really good opportunity to give people growth in the organization,” says Kristyn, who began her own career as an underwriting assistant. 

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