2017 Year in Review: Top-tier Talent | Argo Group

2017 Year in Review: Top-tier Talent

The most noteworthy decisions, actions and successes of Argo Group in 2017

As we start the new year, Argo Group is sharing some of the noteworthy decisions made, actions taken and successes achieved by the company and its employees in 2017.

Argo Group added many talented people

The best leaders engage rather than employ, lead rather than manage, and inspire rather than direct. Throughout 2017, several top-tier executives who believe in this approach joined Argo Group. These talented leaders appreciate where the company is headed and they know how to make a difference in getting there.

Here is a list of leaders who joined the company or took on new senior roles in 2017:

• Jorge Cazar, head of Latin America for Argo Group’s international business;

• Sue Coates, head of Trident Public Risk Solutions;

• Marsh Duncan, head of digital business development for Argo Group U.S.;

• Steve Eccles, chief underwriting officer for Argo Group’s international business;

• David Harris, head of performance management;

• Matt Harris, head of Europe and Asia for Argo Group’s international business;

• Kelly Killimett, head of Colony Specialty’s environmental business;

• Dominic Kirby, managing director of Argo Managing Agency;

• Ryan Mather, global head of reinsurance for Argo Group;

• Ron Vindivich, head of Argo Group U.S. excess and surplus lines; and

• Simon White, senior vice president and group head of cyber for Argo Group.

The talented people who have come to Argo Group will enable the company to attract more top-tier performers in the year to come, making it possible for the entire company to advance, prosper and get there together.