2016 Year in Review: Argo Group Thought Leadership

2016 Year in Review: Argo Thought Leadership

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Over the final five weeks of the year, Argo Group is using this space to share some of the noteworthy decisions it has made, actions it has taken and successes it has achieved in 2016.

Thought Leadership

This week, Argo Group will continue its look back by reviewing the brightest thinking the people of the company have shared this year. Their thought leadership helps propel Argo Group and shows the central role the company plays in shaping the industry.

Understanding the truth about innovation

Innovation is not invention. It is in part a continuous process through which existing processes and products are improved by changing them in response to the demands of customers, the knowledge of inter-disciplinary teams and the opportunities presented by new technologies. Argo Group CEO Mark E. Watson III and EVP of strategy and business development Nigel Mortimer went online to share their deep insights about innovation and how the company translates this thinking into action.

Harnessing the power of being different and digital

In April, Pedro Purm spoke to A.M. BestTV about how the company he leads is competing and thriving. The president of Argo Seguros Brazil S.A. says the twin pillars of the company’s growth are differentiation and digital distribution. As an example, he pointed to the property insurance the company supplies via a digital platform for high-end bicycles. This niche in the insurance market illustrates Argo Seguros’ effort to uncover and exploit opportunities that separate the company from its competitors. The proprietary digital platform on which this coverage is supplied reflects the company’s success in interacting with customers simply and intimately.

Know why you exist. Stay flat enough. Hire and reward ‘A’ players. These are three of the seven qualities that Mark E. Watson III looks for in a company.


Dealing with multiplying risks of an expanding cyberspace

In October, Raconteur, a journal of current affairs that’s a regular supplement in The Times and The Sunday Times, presented a lengthy feature on the multiplying risks of an expanding cyberspace. To get a fuller story of how the Internet of Things introduces new cyber vulnerabilities, the author of the article tapped into the penetrating mind of Michael Carr. The technology practice leader at Argo Group helped readers grasp the stakes involved, understand how companies were adapting (or not), and appreciate the role that cyber insurance was playing in this brave new world.

Spotting the seven markers of successful companies

Know why you exist. Stay flat enough. Hire and reward ‘A’ players. These are three of the seven qualities that Mark Watson looks for in companies when judging their likelihood of success. Detailed in Carrier Management in November, Mark’s seven markers are valid in industries beyond insurance and are therefore valuable to executives and investors of all stripes.

Stay tuned. Next week, Argo Group will use this space to showcase the volunteering and charitable giving of our company in 2016.

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