2016 Argo Group Year in Review | Acquisitions, Announcements, Awards

2016 Year in Review: Argo Acquisitions, Announcements, Awards

Former Argo Group CEO Mark E. Watson III

Throughout December, Argo Group will share some of the noteworthy decisions it has made, actions it has taken and successes it has achieved in 2016. You can read subsequent posts on notable sponsorships and key thought leadership.

Corporate and Employee Achievements

This week, the company will review the most important achievements by the company and its employees during 2016.

Acquired Ariel Re

In November, Argo Group announced its decision to acquire Ariel Re. This move makes perfect sense for Argo Group. In only 10 years, Ariel Re has developed into a market-leading global reinsurer that has a strong commitment to collaborating as a team and providing solutions based on deep domain expertise and innovative thinking. Just like the rest of Argo Group. The acquisition is a noteworthy milestone for Argo Group. Upon completion of the purchase in early 2017, Ariel Re will combine with Argo Re to become Argo Group’s second largest line of business.

Ariel Re relies on deep domain expertise and innovative thinking. Just like the rest of Argo Group.

Launched Insure4Drones

The use of drones has increased rapidly. In response, Argo Group launched Insure4Drones in March. The online portal, developed with approved Lloyd’s coverholder JRW Group, offers click-and-buy insurance products for operators of single or multiple drones in the United Kingdom.

Earned marine hull renewals in Asia

For Argo Group, success in Asia is vital for steady advancement overall. ArgoGlobal reached an agreement with Allied World to acquire renewal rights for that company’s marine hull business in Asia. Announced in August, this program is a central pillar in ArgoGlobal’s long-term strategy in Asia and an important move in maintaining Argo Group’s overall growth.

Moved smartly into cyber security

Argo Group is moving deeply yet smartly into cyber security. ArgoGlobal started a new cyber division in September and brought in Russell Heaton, an expert in this emerging field, to serve as cyber class underwriter for the division. At the same time, Argo Pro overhauled its cyber policy form to account for new knowledge in this rapidly evolving market.

Made surety customers’ experiences intimate, simple and digital

A focus of the company’s work is making the user experience of customers, agents and brokers intimate, simple and digital. Argo Surety has excelled at delivering this kind of experience. In May, the company created a digital application that makes it possible for its vast network of agents and brokers to access forms, templates and secure documents via their mobile devices, and thereby perform their day-to-day business faster and easier.

Argo Group is moving deeply yet prudently into cyber security.

Alex Hindson international leader in ERM

@InsuranceERM included Alex Hindson on its brief list of the world’s most influential ERM professionals. Alex is Argo Group’s chief risk officer, a position he uses to restructure the company’s risk function and improve its overall enterprise risk management.

Katie MacGregor insurance world’s influential women

Intelligent Insurer identified an Argo Group executive among the women excelling in and changing the international risk-transfer industry. This exceptional influencer is Katie MacGregor. Katie is head of claims at ArgoGlobal, a role she has held since February 2015.

Mark Watson most transformational CEO in Central Texas

Argo Group CEO Mark E. Watson III is this year’s winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Central Texas region in the Transformational CEO category. Mark was recognized for the accomplished role he plays in supporting the talented and enthusiastic professionals worldwide who make Argo Group such a success.

Argo Group CEO Mark E. Watson III won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Central Texas in the Transformational CEO category.